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On this page of our online store TheRoids . ws we suggest you buy Sustanon – a popular injectable steroid from Organon , which is very popular among athletes of various categories, as it has wide indications for use. Often in sports circles, Sustanon is called ” Sust ” for short , so in the gym you often hear about it under this name. At the same time, at the time of its first appearance on sale, Sustanon from the Organon company , was used only for therapeutic medical purposes, that is, it was prescribed for people suffering from diseases associated with an insufficient amount of natural testosterone production by the body, and only later this drug began to be used in sports, where today it is most widespread both in Canada and in any other country in the world.

Benefits of using Sustanon

One of the main advantages of Sustanonis that its activity, so necessary for athletes, is manifested starting even with small dosages, which also leads to an increase in high-quality muscle mass and an increase in strength indicators. It is this fact that makes the steroid popular for a wide range of people, both professional athletes and beginners, moreover, the price for Sustanon , which is quite affordable for modern times , contributes to this. More about the drug on this site

It is also important that Sustanon has a long-term effect in the human body, because its composition is four testosterone esters, which reveal their activity in turn, thereby ensuring the duration of action. The drug contains 100 mg of testosterone decanoate , 30 mg of testosterone propionate , 60 mg of testosterone phenylporopionate and 60 mg of testosterone isocaproate . This composition allows Sustanon to reach its peak of activity within two days after injection and maintain the same high level of the active substance in the body for several weeks. All the while, Sustanon remains just as effective.

The course and dosage of the drug Sustanon 

Usually it is recommended to buy Sustanon in such an amount that the weekly dosage is 250-500 milligrams. It is this dose of the drug Sustanon that is ideal for most sports purposes and with its help, in just one course, you can build about 6 kilograms of muscles. At the same time, for experienced athletes, sometimes they can recommend using a large dosage, up to 1000 milligrams per week, but such a high dosage should only be used by professionals, under the close supervision of a specialist, otherwise such a high dose can cause significant side effects that will not get rid of then just.

The duration of the training course with the drug in both cases while it is usually about 6-8 weeks. For longer periods of using the Sustanon drug, experts also recommend that Gonadotropin be added to such a course.

At the end of the training course with the drug, you will also need to undergo post-cycle therapy, because this drug affects the production of natural testosterone in the body, saturating the body with this hormone from the outside, and therefore such a function will certainly need to be restored, since it will be suppressed. Often for such purposes, it is recommended to buy Sustanon in conjunction with the drug Tamoxifen, which is used on PCT.

You can buy Sustanon for combination with other steroids.

Sustanon can be used both on an independent course and in combined courses with other steroids, among them it is worth highlighting: Methane, Primobolan , Winstrol and Deca- Durabolin . It is these steroids that are best suited for combinations with the drug to achieve certain goals, and they are most often bought by athletes. More detailed information can be found here

Significantly, such combinations are found to be much more effective than using the same drugs alone. But it is best to find out about the advantages of combinations with one or another drug from your personal trainer, who will explain what they are . You can also ask this question to our consultant managers at the phone number indicated in the contact details.

In our boutiques INE steroids, buy Sustanon can be anyone with the delivery in any corner of the Canada as soon as possible, because for the delivery we only use proven carriers engaged in the work of our entire country.

Reviews about Sustanon bodybuilders and doctors

Sustanon belongs to the category of popular and demanded steroids in professional bodybuilding circles. According to athletes, he significantly wins over other testosterone preparations. Doctors, including Dr. Phil, note the unique composition of the supplement due to the complex of four testosterones, which form a synergistic effect.

After one day of intake, a clear result of the action of the substance is already visible, and its activity lasts up to 4 weeks. It is ideal for building muscle tissue to create a full and defined body definition. The coach and the stars of the bodybuilding world constantly resort to his help in order to quickly and efficiently gain weight and prepare for the competition.

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