Types of gift cards

Having figured out the main features and benefits of such gifts, it’s time to consider the main types of gift cards, which will help you choose the most appropriate option that is sure to make a good impression on the recipient. Consider the best gift cards that are used as a gift most often:

Basic types of gift cards

  1. Home appliances and electronics. Agree – this is a great choice, because in a specialized store of home appliances and electronics you can choose anything your soul may wish. This can be a variety of accessories for computer equipment, useful gadgets, as well as expensive equipment such as a refrigerator, TV, smartphone or laptop.  Whoever you give such a gift, he will find the right use for it. You can also think about buying a virtual visa card here.
  2. Services. Who says that services can’t be given as a gift? Gift cards can solve that problem, too. With them, you can give a gift of a trip to the SPA-salon, a session in a beauty salon, maintenance of technology in a certified service center, or a flight in a hot air balloon over the city. There are a huge number of options, which services you can choose. You only need to choose the most suitable solution for your particular situation. 
  3. Clothing. Clothing will never be superfluous and even if there were no plans to buy something, the person will always be happy to leave the mall with a thing from the new collection of your favorite brand.
  4. Cosmetics. Giving cosmetics to a girl is quite a risky decision, because you hardly know about all the preferences of the recipient, and you can choose the wrong cosmetics. Fortunately, you can give a gift card to buy cosmetics, and let the girl herself choose everything she needs to maintain her daily beauty.  
  5. Universal gift card. This is probably one of the best solutions if you do not have any guesses and possible options for gifts. This option allows the owner of the gift to use it not in any particular store or outlet, but in any place where this card is considered a means of payment. 

How to buy and use a gift card?

Such cards are relatively new, and not many people have had time to figure out how to make a purchase of such a gift, or how to properly use the card if you were given it as a gift. So, to begin with, let’s look at the process of buying this type of gift from start to finish.

  • First of all, you need to find a gift card site or gift card store where you can arrange to issue such a gift, and go to the site. You can do this at. Also, cards can be purchased directly from physical retail outlets. 
  • Then, on the company’s site to find a tab labeled “order” or “make a purchase”. 
  • After that, the client will be offered to choose a suitable option of a gift card, and then it will be necessary to fill in an application form.
  • After ordering, a manager will contact you to confirm the data you entered and confirm the order. 

As for activation and use of gift cards, everything is simple. You can activate the gift through online services or by phone, indicated on the package. 

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