The basics of Instagram’s algorithm

Instagram doesn’t just randomly give out publications, it selects them according to the interests of users, taking into account many factors. You can buy instagram followers and make your account more popular, or you can hurt it. The more the algorithm “believes” that the publication is interesting, the higher it rises in the ranking. Let us take a closer look at how the algorithm determines the order of publications to form each specific section.


As the developers themselves say, the order in which the feed is formed is influenced by the Engagement metrics. The key ones are likes, comments, and views. The algorithm also takes into account how often you exchange messages with the user in Direct, search for him. So, for the most part, what publications will appear in the user’s feed depends on his actions. If a user frequently likes, comments, searches and views a profile, then after a while that account is likely to end up in the “Friends & Family” category and show up in the feed more often. And vice versa. Many people have probably noticed that once you subscribe to a user, their posts often show up in your feed. But if you don’t like them, don’t comment on them, don’t share them, then over time the publications go lower and lower in the ranking list.

Another important detail is the time spent on the platform. If you’ve never visited the action section in the settings, we recommend you do so. In one of the items, you can see the average time per day you spend on Instagram. When selecting content, the algorithm takes it into account, too, and doesn’t show more content than the user will be able to view. That is, the feed of an account with 30 minutes and 7 hours of online time will be different.

The number of times per day the user opens the app also plays a role. If Instagram is opened frequently, the feed will be very similar to a chronological feed. The algorithm will show all the changes that occurred in your absence. If the social network is visited once a day and less frequently, the algorithm will already sort the content by attractiveness, and the chronology will no longer be respected.


The very first Stories you see are the stories of the users with whom you interact more often. These are the accounts that you like, comment on, and view. The algorithm carefully monitors the relevance of the content. Thanks to it, some users who frequently publish Stories, manage to appear on the first positions in extradition, even if you do not like or comment on them. Stories that are frequently interacted with also rise higher. So it’s advisable to give as many reasons as possible for users to interact with the content.


This is a relatively new section of Instagram, so there’s not much detailed information on how IGTV’s output is generated. But it’s logical to assume that the algorithms for its output and ranking are similar to the feed in many ways. The algorithm selects videos based on their popularity and users’ interests. And those videos that get the most views are added to a separate “Popular” section.

TOP by hashtags

The main criterion considered when ranking at the top according to hashtags is the number of likes collected during a brief period of time. Therefore, any user can reach the top, regardless of his audience or engagement in the account. The main thing is to collect as many likes as possible under the publication with the appropriate hashtag. In addition, the algorithm takes into account the relevance of the content to the hashtag. Because of this, new publications and content from a month ago may be side by side in the same selection. If you are looking for real instagram followers cheapest, then you first need to find a reliable service that will help you get quality followers. Otherwise, Instagram’s algorithms may notice these actions.

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引文是散文寫作的重要組成部分。它們用於讓讀者了解作者對某個想法或事件的想法或感受。引文提供了一個全新的觀點,提供幽默的軼事,並可用於介紹文章中的主要思想。 引用可以放在文章的任何地方。它可以放在開頭、中間或結尾。引號有時也用於結束一篇文章,因為它可以洞察那篇特定文章中所說的內容。我們的論文服務中文論文代寫全天候 24/7 隨時為您提供寫作幫助。 引用在論文中的位置非常通用,因為它們沒有特定的使用規則,除了保持簡短和甜蜜! 什麼是論文中的引語,我為什麼要關心? 引用是使任何文章更有趣的好方法。它們也是使您的論文更令人難忘的一種簡單方法。引文可用於所有類型的文章,但當引文與主題直接相關時效果最佳,或者 文章中正在討論的東西。您可以在編寫的每個段落中使用引號。 什麼是有效的報價? 引文對文章有很大的影響,因為它們為你的論點和想法提供了證據。報價可以來自多種來源。它們可以來自其他人、你讀過的書、你讀過的文章、你看過的電影等。 引用的有效性取決於它揭示的論點或想法。一個好的引用應該提供與論文主題或觀點相關的新信息。 如何在你的文章中引用某人。 引用是用來強調自己的論點的。但是,重要的是不要過度使用引文,因為這會使文章的連貫性降低。 探索人們的想法並不總是他們自己的想法是很有趣的。當您引用某人時,您就是將他們的想法帶入您的文章中。 引用專家表示,使用引用的最佳方式是不要在一篇文章中引用太多或過於頻繁的內容,因為這會使文章的連貫性降低。 引用某人的話的不同方式 引用某人的話有很多不同的方式。一種是引用對方的原話。另一種方法是解釋他們的話,然後引用他們。 處理這個問題的最簡單方法就是逐字引用他們所說的話,就像在“哈利波特與魔法石”中一樣。但是,如果你想在引用他們之前總結他們所說的話,你應該在整個句子之後加上一個冒號,然後在引用之前總結或解釋它,如: “這本書比我想像的要好得多!”她叫道。 “我喜歡他如何將動物融入他的世界。” 有些人還喜歡在從別人那裡引用的短語周圍使用引號,例如“I’m not going”。 如何有效引用某人的提示 引語是一種強大的修辭手段,可用於提出論點、證明觀點或解釋您的觀點。無論您決定如何在論文中使用引號,都有一些正確格式化它們的準則。 最後一句是段落的結尾。 以下是有關如何有效引用某人的一些提示: 包括該人的姓名,如果他們是可識別的。 如果引用不止一個人,請用分號和逗號分隔。 除非它只是一個佔據整個頁面的長引用,否則在每個引用之間放置節分隔符。

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