Lurker in CS:GO: top tips for succeeding in the role

In today’s Top we’re going to talk about one of the most interesting roles in CS:GO – the lurker. The majority of players like to take an active part in the game – to attack, rush with a bomb on enemies or buy sniper weapons in every round. And very often in the matchmaking situation comes to the point of idiocy – sometimes 5 players can buy an AWP at the same time. 

Lurker player is the exact opposite of such gamers. Lurker is a conditional “assassin” who almost always acts quietly. Predominantly, when the enemy team rushes any of the plants, he is in a completely different part of the map and scouts out the tugging enemies. To be useful in this role, however, you need to know a lot of things. What is it exactly? We’ll tell you in this article. If you want to find cs go case opening free, you should find a specialized site.

Don’t play for kills

As you may have already figured out, a lurker’s main job is to do the dirty work instead of the team. So if you press Tab every round while looking at your stats and like to play for kills, this position is definitely not for you. Very often the lurker has to play in boring positions where almost nothing happens, so you should be prepared for this beforehand.

The main task of a lurker is to take a position that is not obvious to his opponents. So if you have a comfortable position and you have information that your opponents will probably pass you by, then more often than not you need to stay and wait for the enemy, even if the situation is 5vs2 and your teammates are killing their opponents in the meantime.

Waiting for rotation

One of the most fertile moments for lurkers in the game is enemy rotation. Although the lurker may very well go in with his teammates, very often the player in this position takes an intermediate position between his teammates and the enemy. When the enemy team starts to move to the other plant, this is where the fun begins for the lurker. The main advantage of this role is that there is a good chance that the lurker’s position will not be checked. However, you have to choose this position wisely. If you always occupy the same position, there is a good chance that they will be ready for you, and you will turn into easy prey for the enemy. 

Checking Your Back

If your team likes to play aggressively, or if they are predominantly trying to occupy one of the intended positions at the start of the round, the lurker turns into a person who performs a support function. One of the lurker’s tasks in this situation is to have his teammates’ backs. Remember that there are gamers on the opposing team who also read the gameplay guides, so many of them will probably try to go around your back and prevent you from attacking. So try to always look at possible evasion paths and listen to the sound, because more often than not, players in these situations will run straight ahead without clamping the shift. 

Aggressive Lurking

A lurker is not always a player who has to take closed positions and try to kill players in the back. Very often lurkers use aggressive tactics that help their teams win. What is the point of aggressive lurking? In most cases, it is an attempt to confuse the opposing team. At medium and high levels of CS:GO, the attacking side quite often uses fake rounds, which allow you to pull your opponent to the other side. 

Don’t be a lurker always

One last piece of advice is not to play the lurker position at all times. One of the main objectives for any team in CS:GO is to act unpredictably for the opposing team. If you act as a “pure lurker” every round, you’re likely to get read, so it’s best to only occasionally play as a lurker.

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